Who I am

Welcome and thank you for visiting The Backpack Chronicles. Christina is passionate about camping, hiking, and advocating for mental health. Spending time in nature has given her a space to heal and grow. This blog serves as a place for her to document adventures and share her journey with mental wellness.

A couple of Christina facts:

  • Certified Outdoor Council of Canada Field Leader with Day, Winter, and Overnight hiking
  • Five years sober from alcohol on February 14th, 2021. I consider myself a non-drinker now but still use the word sober and sobriety when talking about mental health.
  • I volunteer with Shameless Circle and have organized and led nature walks for womxn (more planned for the future)
  • I volunteer at Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba in Women’s Programming and have led workshops and conversations about journaling, staying sober in a society that glorifies alcohol consumption, and the benefits of spending time in nature
  • Active member and leader with Backcounty Women

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